Welcome English-speaking clients!

I work as a psychotherapist (in training under supervision), specialized in existential psychotherapy and counseling and would be delighted to collaborate with English-speaking clients.

Sometimes life is unexpected and includes ups and downs. I assist my clients in finding insight, and provide support to manage situations that feel unmanageable. It is my passion to create a safe, therapeutic relationship that allows for growth and healing. I provide my clients with the confidence to move forward in their lives. My approach is personal and unique to fit each client's personality and situation, as I believe no single approach works for everyone. I utilize interventions that fit my client’s specific needs. My specialties include working with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, anger management issues, crisis, career/life transition, expatriate integration, as well as child and adolescent psychotherapy.

Growth comes through interaction. I look forward to meeting you and working together with you to move past your current stressors and achieve a more fulfilled life.

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Psychotherapy aids in resolving various difficulties which may occur and affect daily life, including the impact of trauma, medical illness, or loss - such as the death of a loved one - and specific mental disorders, like depression or anxiety. It can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms, enabling a person to function better and promoting healing to increase well-being.

Things such as trauma or loss can hinder a person’s ability to experience change. I am here to support you in understanding how various processes can shape our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Therapy is also about helping you understand how all these elements act independently and interdependently with each other.  Understanding is key to making desired long-lasting changes.

Existential Analysis

Existential Analysis is a psychotherapeutic method which works primarily through verbally induced processes. It's best defined as a person-oriented psychotherapy which aims to enable mentally and emotionally free experiences, to induce authentic decisions and to deal with life and the world in a truly responsible way.
At the center of Existential Analysis we find the concept of “existence”. This means a life that is full of meaning, determining its shape through freedom and with responsibility, all within the framework of the individual’s particular world, with which this person maintains a relationship of mutual dialogue and influence. The aim of existential analytical psychotherapy is to free a person from fixations, distortions, one-sidedness and traumas which influence his or her experiences and behavior.

Organizational stuff

The cost per session is € 60,- for 50 minutes of psychotherapy or counseling.    

Everything we discuss is subject to the utmost discretion and is of course absolutely confidential. This is necessary to achieve a trusting relationship and is also confirmed by law (§15 Psychotherapiegesetz).

About me

I am currently working as a "Psychotherapist in Training under Supervision". This status entitles me to work independently as a psychotherapist in private practice with clients while under supervision. I have taken in-depth training in existential psychotherapy and additional course programs in child and adolescent psychotherapy over a period of several years.

Supervision is conducted by specifically qualified psychotherapists, ensuring that treatment meets highest-quality standards. The duty to maintain confidentiality also applies to all supervisors working on a case.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I was working for several companies in an international environment; I also hold a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Vienna.


Take the first step to getting help.
Email me at praxis(at)therapiefeltl.at or call now at tel:+43-676-393-3890 .
I will get in touch with you within 24 hours during workdays.

My practice is located at:
Zimmermanngasse 11/7
1090 Wien
(near subway station "Alser Straße" of line U6 or tram station "Alser Straße" of tramline 43)